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Food Preserving pdf ebook


This is a handy and practical ebook. Take advantage of seasonally abundant fruit and vegetables and preserve them to eat when they are not in season locally.


Water Gardening


Explore the possibilities and practicalities of creating a water garden, small or large. This book is designed to inspire and educate presenting you with a wide range of possibilities and at the same time, raising your awareness and understanding of how water can be used in any size garden to add interest, coolness and life.

Animal Psychology - PDF Ebook


Explore the animal mind and gain a unique insight into the ‘differences’ between the way humans and animals think with Animal Psychology.


Landscaping With Australian Plants - Ebook


Explore the enormous scope of both Australian plants and ways in which they might be used in building both functional and aesthetically diverse landscape gardens.

“A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.” Frank Lloyd Wright This e-book is a wonderful guide to climbing plants. Complete with full colour photographs, it is ideal for the home gardening enthusiast, landscape designer.

Learn to grow flowering bulbs for pleasure or profit. Bulbs are grown in home gardens in just about every place that people live. There are bulbs that grow and flower on the equator; and others that can perform well in places like Alaska and Iceland.

. This book explores not only how to be more creative with your writing, but also expands your perspective on how and where to use it.

A colourful guide for students, home gardeners and orchid enthusiasts. The first part deals with growing orchids, and the second covers dozens of orchid genera, and hundreds of cultivars. Explore orchids as cut flowers, container plants, indoor plants and outdoor garden plants, in both tropical and temperate climates, across the world.



This e-book was written for anyone who cares for animals, from pet owners to farmers - anyone with an interest in animal health and diseases.

Are you a good listener? Hone your skills by learning popular counselling theories and techniques.  Enriched with interesting case studies, this book is a wonderful introduction to the complex world of the human psyche. Develop the counsellor in you! Click the book for more...


Tropical plants are some of the most attractive on the planet and their fruit is divine! Learn how to grow them from veteran horticulturist John Mason, and while you're at it, take the opportunity to admire the many colour photos that showcase these amazing plants! Click the book for more...

Turn your patio, yard or verandah into an oasis!

This ebook will help you re-connect with nature and make the most of your garden no matter how small it is.

Planting the wrong thing could be disasterous for your foundations, so make sure you read this first...click the book for more...

This ebook is a major reference work, 15 years in preparation, containing around 300 colour photos! It is a comprehensive guide to plants grown in any type of warm place, tropical, sub-tropical, greenhouses, and court yards that have become heat traps in temperate places...click the book for more...           

Profitable Farming Ebook

ebook profitable farming.

Generate more profit from your farm!

This new ebook features a comprehensive survey of new enterprise possiblities and suggestions for saving money...click the book for more...

Photographic Techniques and Effects

image of Photographic Techniques and Effects

Explore how to take better photos. This is a book packed full of practical tips, from the authors own experience, coupled with a solid introduction to well established and widely practiced photographic techniqies. This is a well illustrated, excellent reference for students of photography; and an equally useful source of inspiration to the amateur photographer.

Garden Design Part 1 Ebook

garden design ebook.

This stunning full colour Garden Design ebook is full of useful tips, information and inspiration. It contains around 300 colour illustrations! It is comprised of three parts: Design, How a Garden Functions and Aesthetics(making it look good)...click the book for more...


Starting a Nursery or Herb Farm Ebook

ebooks horticulture herbs nursery.

Get at the forefront of demand by learning how to turn herbs and other plants into profit. Herbs are increasing in popularity alongside a resurgence in interest in alternative health, and all those cooking shows! Equally, more and more people are focussing on landscaping to improve the value of their houses, and they obviously need a well-run and stocked nursery to buy plants from! Click the book for more...

Aqua Fitness Ebook

ebooks fitness ebook fitness.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, looking for a fun, low impact option for getting fit, or are a trainer looking to offer your clients more, "Aqua Fitness" is a well-written and interesting book that will walk you though each exercise, and how to do it correctly. Click the book for more...

Garden Design Part 2 Ebook

ebooks garden design landscaping.

Another amazing garden design book from industry pioneer John Mason! Either as a follow on from Garden Design I, or as a stand alone resource, home improvers and landscape designers alike will be inspired by this highly colourful and informative book.
Enjoy hundreds of full colour pictures and varied examples. Click the book for more...          

Best Seller! This comprehensive ebook includes information on how to grow over 100 different types of vegetables, fruit, cut flowers, herbs and other plants. This version has been completely revised and updated by author John Mason... click the book for more.


Aerobic Fitness 2ND Edition



Aerobic fitness contributes more to your quality of life than perhaps any other aspect of fitness! This updated version of Aerobic Fitness is full of information about the body and its functions. It also contains detailed illustrations of which exercises to use for individual muscle groups.  Click the book for more...            

This ebook is perfect for anyone who is branching into the world of business and needs a solid understanding of business principals. Businesses don't need to fail! What you do in the planning stages of your business can make or break you so it's wise to do a little reading first... click the book for more..

Psychology Dictionary


The Psychology Dictionary can be used to complement studies in Psychology or Counseling, as a resource for the professional, or as a reference for anyone interested in Psychology. Click book for more.

Organic Gardening


 For decades farmers have relied upon chemicals to control pests and diseases in order to produce saleable crops. In the ornamental, vegetable and fruit gardens reliance on chemical controls has also been the mainstay for many gardeners.    

Human Nutrition


It's surprising how little most people know about the human body and how it works. If we all spent just a small amount of time educating ourselves, we would save years in terms of health problems and hundreds of dollars otherwise spent on health care. Start here...                      

Growing Conifers


The great thing about conifers is they look good all year round. Most of them are grown for foliage, and in general, foliage remains the same pretty well all year. Unlike other trees and shrubs,you do not have a month of attractive flowers, followed by an obscure plant the remainder of the year. A brilliant blue of gold foliage conifer will be blue or gold month in, month out.

Trees and Shrubs


Useful for students, or the tradesman already working in the field; or the home gardener; who needs a quick reference when choosing plants for a garden.

Tropical Landscaping


There could hardly be anything more idyllic than to be in a tropical garden, relaxing, reading a book, or having a cool drink with friends. Some tropical gardens are wonderful to look at, with their bright foliage and flower colors and unique contrasts in shape and form.



Herbs have a history almost as old as man himself. Used as much for medicines and foods as their colours and scents, herbs have a practical charm unmatched in the world of plants.

Professional Writing


Professional writing is any writing that you are being paid for. It can include fiction writing, a best-selling book, articles in a magazine, articles in a newspaper, blogs for companies, technical manuals or procedure manuals, copy for catalogues, newsletters, text books and other academic material and so on.

Marine Animals


With colour photos splashed throughout, this Marine Animals e-book is designed to provide a guide for some of the more common animals found in marine ecosystems around the world. Learn about the creatures hidden by the other 70% of the earth's surface. Explore more...

English Grammar


Grammar then, is a tool through which we can enhance communication through writing (as well as speech). Grammar provides a coherent structure for

How Children Think


Anyone who has ever tried to make a child do anything (clean up their mess, desist from throwing mud, stop drawing on the walls) knows that children think differently to adults. This book attempts to provide the skills and knowledge to develop a greater understanding of children...

Caring for Dogs


In every component of life, dogs have accompanied humans. In war, in sport, in hunting, in scientific discoveries, in work, in wealth and in art, dogs have been cooperating with humans. Nowadays there are many dogs whose lives have meaning and purpose beyond companionship; however the majority of dogs over the world are pets living in homes as much loved family members. They offer companionship, love and loyalty; the dog remains deeply a part of human life and our best friend.


Picture of Roses

There are few things as uplifting as being greeted by the sweet fragrance of roses from your own garden. If you have always wanted to grow roses, or perhaps improve an established rose garden, make sure you are armed with the right knowledge! Learn from the masters in horticulture. This wonderfully colourful ebook will teach you everything you need to know about the passion of growing roses.

Business Operations

Picture of Business Operations

In the daily operation of a business, some days will challenge you and some will inspire you. Most of them however will be just part of the daily routine of normal business operations. Unfortunately your business will not run itself - goals need to be set and decisions need to be made in order to achieve these goals. This book talks you through all of the different aspects involved in running a business from finance and forecasting to staffing changes and legal issues.

Project Management

Project Management ebook

This book is designed to help improve your capacity to manage any type of project in any type of industry. It may be read as a stand alone book; used as something to refer to during the process of managing projects, or used as a complementary reference to help enhance the overall learning experience when studying a project management course.

Nutritional Therapy

Project Management ebook

It's amazing how little people know about their bodies and yet still expect them to function in an energetic and efficient manner. We eat all sorts of rubbish, but you wouldn't put the wrong fuel in your car and still expect it to drive smoothly. This e-book will give you a great overview of the human nutrition industry in all its facets.

Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs ebook

What could be nicer than eating fresh food straight from your garden? This full colour ebook will show you how to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs; saving you money and providing a source of joy and relaxation.

Plants, Pests and Diseases

Plants, pests and diseases ebook


Learn how to identify plant pests and diseases to save your garden.  Yellow leaves?  Mould?  Scale?  Rust?  Learn the difference and the treatment.

Horse Care

Horse Care

This book is an accumulation of information from biology, agricultural science and veterinary medicine. It looks to explore and explain the fundamentals of appropriate horse care aims and techniques and in doing so it will consider horsemanship as a combination of art and science.       

What to plant where

What to plant where book cover

A great guide for choosing the right plant for a particular position in the garden. Thirteen chapters cover: plant selection, establishment, problems, and plants for wet areas. Shade, hedges and screens, dry gardens, coastal areas, small gardens, trees and shrubs, lawns and garden art.

Getting Work in the Modern World

Getting work in the modern world book cover

168 pages A realistic guide to getting a job or starting out in business.This is a must read; for students, parents, the unemployed, careers advisors or anyone interested in changing or forging a sustainable career.

Getting Work in Horticulture

Getting Work in Horticulture book cover

Find out what it is like to work in horticulture; how diverse the industry is, how to get a start, and how to build a sustainable, long term and diverse career that keeps your options broad, to move from sector to sector as demand and fashions change across your working life.

Psychological Profiling

Picture of Psychological Profiling

Psychological profiling is used to assess anyone from potential new staff and school children to serial killers. It helps you to determine someones personality, neuroses, mental health and career suitability. This book provides an excellent overview of psychological profiling techniques and pitfalls.

Scented Plants

Picture of Scented Plants Book Cover

Scented plants can be either a delight or a curse. For many people, there is nothing more pleasing than a garden filled with fragrance, but for others who suffer allergies, certain plants can make them physically ill; sometimes very seriously.

Modern Marketing

Picture of Scented Plants Book Cover

The aim of marketing is to create demand for a product or service,
either by making people aware of its existence, or by making
them feel they want or need the product.



Poultry are entertaining as pets and life sustaining as a commercial product! Whether you are seeking a book as a beginner poultry keeper or if you are embarking on a new career in poultry production or management, this book is for you. Easy to read, easy to understand and packed with easy to implement practical advice.


Growing Ferns

Picture of Growing Ferns ebook cover

A complete guide to growing Ferns in Australia, New Zealand and beyond A great reference for gardeners and fern enthusiasts from anywhere around the world.

Human Biology Dictionary

Human Biology Dictionary

For any new student of human biology, being confronted with thousands of unfamiliar words can be overwhelming. It can also be difficult to identify which words you need to learn first. This book presents words that have been carefully selected as the most important for new bilogy students to learn and understand.


How to be a Life Coach

How to be a Life Coach

Life coaching is a relatively new profession - although coaches have been around for a long time in the guise of trainers, instructors, managers and tutors for various professions and disciplines. Life coaching is not easily defined, but it is a type of mentoring which focuses on helping individuals to achieve what they would like to achieve and thereby to lead more fulfilling lives.


Growing Palms and Palm-Like Plants

Palms and palm-like plants

Palms and palm-like plants are mostly grown as structural plants. They add stunning shapes into a garden that are different to other plants and for that reason alone, stand out and capture our attention, making a garden more interesting. Palms can be more than just architectural forms though; providing shade, colour and texture to a garden. If you choose an appropriate species, they are great indoor plants.



What makes a good leader? Is it an innate personality trait or a skill that can be acquired? This book is an excellent guide to the theories and practice of leadership. It is full of interesting facts about social dynamics and examples of leadership styles. For those who are curious or in need of some leadership skills, this book will provide both entertainment and advice.      



A good cross section of of common weeds are illustrated and reviewed. These are plants that occur in many parts of the world, and some are not always weeds.



Management is the process of planning, organising, leading, and controlling an organisation’s human and other resources to achieve business goals. More importantly though, effective management needs to be a process of human interaction and compassion.      

Professional Practice For Consultants


This ebook contains chapters on how to be a consultant, packaging your services, delivering the services, building your resources, finding the work and getting the job, planning and ethics.

Event Management


An event is not always planned, but in the world of event management, the more planning that goes into an event, the smoother the event will run.

Medical Terminology Dictionary ebook


When studying and using medical terminology it is important to understand the basic structure of medical terms and their meanings.

Proteas PDF ebook


There are around 1700 species and 79 genera of plants in the Proteaceae (Protea) family, and most are indigenous to the southern hemisphere.

Birds PDF ebook


The Birds book features extraordinary information and full colour pictures on the 29 orders of birds from around the globe.

Learning Tips PDF ebook


Understand the theory that underpins learning. When you understand how different people learn in different ways, you can then start to see how a course that suits one person.

Growing and Knowing Annuals - pdf ebook


This is a book for both home gardeners through to professiona lhorticulturists; nurserymen, seedsmen, garden managers, landscapers or cutflower growers.

Helping people cope with grief PDF ebook


Provides a fascinating insight into grief and traumatic events and also provides the reader with a solid understanding of how to support others who are having a difficult time.



The Banksias ebook covers the different varieties of banksias and their special requirements.

Working with People


Are you considering a new career and do you enjoy working with people? This ebook helps you sort through the clutter and explains the many types of jobs that people who enjoy working with others may enjoy.

Saving a Business


Most businesses fail that do not have to! This ebook helps business owners understand methods of improving a business when it appears to be failing.




Get to know fuchsias better. 124 pages of brilliant colour pictures and information about fuchsias. This ebook is a must read for anybody interested in fuchsias.

 Growing & Knowing Nuts
Discover the many different varieties of nuts that you many not have ever heard of. Learn unique ways of using nuts and cooking with nuts. 
 Growing and Using Perennial Plants
When designed and grown well, a perennial garden produces a blaze of colour for many months – starting in spring, flourishing through summer, and beyond into autumn.   Landscaping & Gardening in the Shade
Landscaping and Gardening in the Shade will involve many considerations including buildings, plants and care of plants. Written by John Mason and ACS staff, you will find this ebook helpful. 

How to be a Successful Editor


Learn all of tips for editing success from the experts! This 60 page ebook will give you lots of help on becoming a successful editor.  Growing & Knowing Dianthus and Carnations

 Identify carnations and dianthus with ease and get to know the ideal growing conditions that they need to prosper and produce beautiful flowers.

Starting a Garden or Landscape Business


This is great for anyone thinking about (or already involved in), a horticultural, landscaping or garden business.

The Environment of Play


If you want to learn about the relationship between PLAY and the ENVIRONMENT, this is the ebook for you.

Working with Animals


If you love animals and would love to work with them, you should read this ebook. Marketing Psychology

 Gain a better understanding of consumer behaviour and the psychology around the purchasing decision making process.



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